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Here are instructions to install the Indivo server and the MyOscar client:

1.  Go to
Follow instructions to install the indivo server up until the "Store
Installation" section.  This includes installing maven, subversion,
and java.  Check out the trunk branch of the indivo source code, , and
run "mvn install".  It will generate the war file in

target/.  Deploy the war file.

2.  By default, Indivo uses the Berkeley DB storage engine, and comes
with the tool to initialize the store.  However, we moved the database
to mysql for performance reasons and to avoid problems with the store
lock.  To switch indivo to use the mysql store, change this block in
web.xml to look like this:


3.  Install mysql, create the DB and grant all permissions to
root@localhost.localdomain.  Execute freshIndivo.sql (attached), which
will set up the store table along with a starter admin account (see
freshIndivo.txt).  You will also have to configure the mysql jdbc data
source within tomcat so indivo can connect to this database.

To make sure indivo server is running check your
http://localhost:8080/webappname/IndivoServer  Any errors will show up
in target/indivo.log in the directory from which you started tomcat.

To install MyOscar:
Download version 1.0 war file from and deploy in  tomcat >=5.5.
You can edit to set the indivo server url
and other features.  You can edit it directly or copy it to your home
dir and rename to match the webapp name.

by Paul Antiperovitch

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