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Welcome to the OSCAR User's Manual Site FOR OSCAR 9-15. SEE for OSCAR 19



SEE for OSCAR 19

OSCAR stands for Open Source Clinical Application Resource. It is a suite of Web-based Applications which serve to enhance the health and social service community's ability to provide the highest level of care. OSCAR is one of a few Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems world wide that has multilingual support. You can run the program in English while your secretary has it simultaneously in French, and your colleague sees it in Spanish.

OSCAR Canada Users Society provides a wealth of information for OSCAR users and non-users alike.


All OSCAR applications are built in free Open Source software, which means you are free to download the program, use the program, or modify it. This freedom is protected in perpetuity because OSCAR is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The content of this User's Manual is also freely licensed under the Creative Commons License. The content of this manual applies to the latest versions of the various OSCAR applications.

Summary of the OSCAR applications:

  • OSCAR Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has all the functionality of a modern EMR. Details of functionality can be found here.
  • MyOSCAR is a patient controlled personal health record that integrates with the OSCAR EMR.
  • MyDrugRef is a "social-network" for pharmacists and physicians to facilitate "knowledge transfer" of drug information and is fully integrated with the OSCAR EMR.
  • OSCAR CAISI  is a national, award winning, full-featured Case Management, Bed Management, and Program/Facility Management system, used by many leading Agencies and Residential Programs in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. This OSCAR partnership won the 2007 Silver Award of Excellence in the Efficiency & Operational Improvements from CIPA Canadian Information Productivity Awards
  • OSCAR Resource  is a compilation of free clinical resources which can be accessed through the EMR at the point of care.

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