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OSCAR EMR version 15

OSCAR 15 is the current production release of OSCAR EMR
OSCAR EMR version 15
We are delighted to announce OSCAR EMR's latest set of releases, providing major updates to the OSCAR Platform. Extensive rewritten the user experience is enhanced with a brand new interface. Complete with major behind the scenes connectivity and standards required for "Enterprise Ready" use are upgraded versions of previous functionality and a bevy of new features. Below is an overview of new features found in Oscar 15
1.0 Clinical Dashboard
The Dashboard centralises the clinician's work-flow in one place. It is a new feature introduced in OSCAR 14
2.0 The "Classic" Interface
For those with traditional tastes and established workflows we offer the "classic" interface as an alternative. Expanded and improved since OSCAR 12 of course
3.0 Administration
The administration view allows for multiple settings to customize and update OSCAR
4.0 Developers
5.0 System Administrators
System Administrators
6.0 FAQ
14 Health Tracker
14 Note Browser
14 Dashboard
14 Reset |Password
14 Admin
14 Document Queue Handler
14 Manage Formulary
14 Encounter
14 Master Demographic
14 Dashboard
OSCAR 15 at Stonechurch

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