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Your Password & Security
  • Though you access your MyOSCAR record over the Internet, the information and messages remain within the MyOSCAR servers; each record is encrypted, protecting against unauthorized access to servers or backup medium. Essentially, information stored on MyOSCAR can only be accessed by MyOSCAR users who have been authorized to see it, and each one must be authenticated by user name and password.
  • For this reason, your password is the most important part of ensuring your record's security. Your password is your digital signature - choose it and use it with care.

A Good Password Is:

    • A minimum of six characters in length.
    • Composed of alpha characters (both upper and lower case) and numerals.
    • No alphanumeric character appearing more than once.
    • Not resembling a dictionary entry in any way.
    • Not based on a trivial pattern like a1b2C3 or a family name such as sheldon1.
    • Not written down - memorize it!
    • A six-digit password chosen according to the above rules has a one in approximately 32.4 billion chance   of being guessed by a brute force procedure.
    • Remember to log out of MyOSCAR after each session!


Changing Your Password

  • We recommend that you change your password AS SOON AS you log into MyOSCAR.  Once logged in, click the CHANGE PASSWORD link on the top right of the screen.
  • Type in your old password, then a new password that others will not guess and that you will remember.  Type carefully!  Remember that passwords are CASE SENSITIVE, so check that your caps lock is off.
  • If you have forgotten your password or are unable to login, contact a MyOSCAR administrator.  He or she will give you a temporary password.  Log in, and change your password to something you will remember!  Both user names and passwords are CASE SENSITIVE, so check that your caps lock is off and that you have not capitalized any letters in your name if you are getting an INVALID USERNAME OR PASSWORD message.

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