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New Users

Instructions for New Users -- PLEASE READ

Now that you have a MyOSCAR user name and temporary password, there are a few steps you MUST follow to get your account going!

  1. Change your password!
    • Log into myOSCAR here, click on the CHANGE PASSWORD link on the top-right corner of the screen, and follow the steps.
    • TYPE CAREFULLY and remember that passwords are CASE SENSITIVE (upper and lower case letters are read differently, so if you type 'PASSworD' in the New Password field and save, MyOSCAR will not accept 'password' when you try to log in later on.)  Check your caps lock key.
    • For more information and tips on choosing the right password, see the User's Manual Passwords section.
  2. Sign the consent form!
    • You will NOT be able to send messages to your physician or request medical documents until you have read the list on this page and acknowledged your consent in writing.
    • You will receive a message in your inbox from the MyOSCAR administrator (  You can access this message by clicking the "New Message" alert on your bulletin board, or by clicking the MESSAGES button on the top menu.
    • Click on the consent message and carefully read all points.  If you have any questions, contact Paula by phone or via MyOSCAR messaging.
    • Click "Reply."  In the body of your reply message, include the words "I agree" or "I consent."  Note that this action is considered the same as your signature.
    • The administrator will then notify your physician, and he will enable you to send him messages and requests.
  3. Check your contact information!
    • Your contact information (mailing and email addresses) was entered as stored on your regular OSCAR doctor's record.  To view, click the PERSONAL button on the side menu.  Two subcategories should appear-- click on CONTACT INFO.
    • Look over the information.  Is it correct?  Is it complete?  To add an email address or phone number you would like your doctor to use, click "Edit Personal Data."
    • Make the required changes, then click save.
    • Note that any user with whom you have shared your record as a "Friend" (ex. will NOT be able to view your contact information.  
  4. Congratulations!  You're up and running!
    • Read the online User's Manual and explore your MyOSCAR account!  Familiarize yourself with MyOSCAR's features.  How will a personally controlled online health record work for you?  Only you can find out.

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