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How to contribute to the user manual

This page gives an introduction and instructions on how to contribute to the OSCAR User Manual.


The OSCAR User Manual is a collaborative effort by OSCAR users. It is meant to be the latest documentation on how to use the OSCAR McMaster system Electronic Medical Record or Case Management System.


All users are encouraged to participate in keeping the user manual up to date and user friendly.


There are currently two versions of the user manual - one is the OCUS Website version of the manual published here on the plone content management system. The other is published in Google Docs. The OSCAR Canada User Society is in the process of determining which system to use. In hte meantime, both versions of the manual are being supported and synchronized.


How to Contribute to the manual

  1. All members who are able to log in to the OCUS website are given editing rights to the OSCAR Manual.


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