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Adding Login Records for Providers

This section describes how to add login records for providers, configuring provider user names, passwords, and other access information.

Once you have added a provider to the system, you need to set up a login record for the new provider. To do this, complete the following tasks:


Retrieving and Deleting Existing Login Accounts

Before adding a new login account for a provider, you need to check the system to see if the person already has a temporary login. If they do, you need to delete their login record.

1.  On the Administrative Page, in the Provider area, click Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records. The Search a Provider window opens:


2.  Make sure that the Last Name radio button is checked at the top of the page and then, in the text box, type the provider’s last name and click the Search button. The Provider: the following records window opens:


3. Do one of the following:

    • If no results are returned by the search engine, go to the Adding a Login Record.
    • If the search engine finds the provider’s name, go to step 4.

 4. Note the provider’s ID number and then click the Back button to return to the Administrative Page:


 5. In the Security area, click Search/Edit/Delete Security Records. The Search Security Records window opens.

 6. In the text box, type the provider’s last name, and click the Search button. The Security window opens, showing the provider’s information:


6. In the User Name column, click the provider’s name. The Update A Security Record screen opens:


7.  Click the Delete Record button, and then click the Back button to return to the Administrative Page.  Then complete the Adding a Login Record procedure.

Adding a Login Record 

Complete this procedure if the provider has no previous temporary login record. If the provider has a temporary login record, see the Retrieving and Deleting Existing Login Accounts procedure.

1. Open the Administrative Page window, and in the Security area, click Add a Login Record to open the Add A Login User screen:


2.  Ask the provider to type the following:

    • User name in the User Name text box
    • Password in the Password and Confirm text boxes
    • PIN number in the PIN and Confirm text boxes

3. Click the arrow beside the Provider No. drop-down list box, and select the provider’s actual name.

4.  Check the Expiry Date check box, and then click the calendar icon beside the Date box, and choose a date set several years in the future.

Note: For technical reasons, it is important that all providers complete step 4.

5.  To enable providers’ PIN numbers, do one of the following:

    •  If a provider requires remote access to the system, check the Pin (Remote) Enable  box

    •  If a provider does not require remote access to the system, check the Pin (Local) Enable box. if not then make sure the box is not selected

6. Click the Add Record button.

 7. Log out of the system, and have the new provider test their new login account.



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