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Merging records

This procedure describes how to merge records in CAISI.

1.  From the OSCAR home page, click the Program button. The CAISI Program Module page opens:

  CAISI Porgram management module

2. In the Navigator panel on the left, in the Client Management area, click Merge Records. The Merge Client Records window opens:


3.  Leave the text box blank and click the Search button. The Merge Client Records window opens:


 4. At the far left of the window, click the check boxes beside the two records you want to merge, then click the radio button in the Main Record column beside the name of the record you want to be the primary, or main, record.

 Note:  In the graphic example above, if you want the Anderson, Andy record to be the primary record, and the Davidson, Dave record to be secondary, you click the radio button beside the Anderson, Andy name.

 5. Click Merge Selected Records at the bottom of the window to complete the merge. When prompted to confirm the merge, click OK.






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