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Describes how to use e-forms.

See Chapter 12 for information on creating and using e-forms in a patient's chart.

Once you have clicked on any one of the functions in this category, you may navigate to any of the other functions using the small navigation bar in the upper right corner or the screen


Type in a form name and subject description, then click "Browse" to find the e-form you wish to add.  Click "Upload" to add the form to the directory.



If you have used images in your e-form, it is important that you also upload them to OSCAR.  This is especially important if you have simply scanned a form onto your computer and added html to make the form electronic.  Click "Browse" to find the images, and "Upload" to add them.


Organize your e-forms into convenient groups. 

Add New Group

Type in the name of the group you wish to create, then click "Add Group."

Select/View Group

Choose the desired group name from the drop down menu, then click select.  You can also delete the selected group by clicking "Delete Group".

Add to Group

To add new forms to a group, first select the group you wish to modify, then choose the form you wish to add from the drop down menu.  Click "Add To Group".  You can also remove forms from a group by clicking the "Remove From Group" link next to the desired form.

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