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Step 3 - Preferences

Only complete this step if you want the user to have a schedule on the appointment screen (ex. practicing doctors, residents, nurses, not receptionists). Otherwise, skip to Step 4.

This section is used to set the hours of operation for the office and the length of the appointments. You can further adjust the length of a provider’s appointments within the group in the ‘Schedule Settings’


  1. From the Admin Page, click on the ‘Add a Preference for a User’ link
  2. Type the person’s provider number you assigned them in step 1
  3. The Start Hour, End Hour and Period will have default values in them.
  4. Make any required adjustments to the default values. These settings will affect the start and end time of the appointment screen, as well as the length of the appointments.
  5. Enter the name of the group you put the new user to in step 2
  6. Clicking ‘Add Record’ will save the settings and take you back to the ‘Admin’ page

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