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Using OscarResource

OscarResource is a web-based clinical resource database that is maintained by contributors from across the country. (Click here for information about becoming a contributor yourself). It contains links to websites that are relevant to actual clinical practice, and is constantly being updated with the latest information on medicine and other relevant topics.


You can access oscarResource in four different ways:





There are several ways you can use oscarResource to find the information you are looking for. 

  • From the main page, type in the topic you wish to read about into the Resource Search text field.  Click "Search"
  • Click the "Advanced Search" link, and search by tag (i.e. by topic) or by user
  • Look through the Most Popular and Newest Links, as well as the Most Popular Tags in the left-hand navigation bars
  • Look through the Quick Links at the top of the screen, if you wish to navigate to popular medical sites such as Pubmed, Cochrane, and eMedicine.

Once you have found a link that you would like to visit, you can either:

  • Click the Upwards Arrow on the right of the link title to open the page in a new window
  • OR Click the World symbol (or the link title itself) to access the page in the same window


OscarResource is not simply a database full of useful website links.  It can be tailor fitted to act as your own personal internet resource, filtering through its links to show only your favourite websites and pages.  This way, when you are using oscarResource at the hospital or clinic, you can swiftly find the information you need without having to repeatedly perform searches for the same few websites.  You can get all of this out of oscarResource by becoming a contributor of the database.

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