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Patient Drug and Allergy Profiles

Describes how to access and edit information about patient drug and allergy profiles.

Patient Drug Profile

Past prescriptions are displayed here.


If the prescription you wish to give the patient is already listed, you may click the corresponding checkbox under “Represcribe”. Click the ‘Represcribe’ button, then follow the directions for the Step 3 screen as detailed below


If you wish to delete a current prescription, check the corresponding checkbox, then click ‘Delete’.

Allergy Profile

  • The patient’s allergies are listed on the left under the Allergies heading
  • To view more details about a patient’s allergies or make changes to the list, click the ‘View/Edit Allergies’ button at the bottom of the Patient Drug Profile



  1. Type in the name of the drug, select the areas of the drug database that you wish to search, then click ‘Search’
  2. Select the Class/Name/Compound/Brand Name that best identifies the allergy.  It is best to choose the most broad category that describes the patient's allergy.
  3. Write comments describing the nature of the allergy as well as identifying the age of onset, severity of reaction and onset of reaction.  Click "Add Allergy".


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