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Appointment Screen View

The screen can hold up to 6 providers comfortably. Further on in the manual instructions will show you how to handle more than 6 providers by creating groups and flipping between the groups.


To change the status of the appointment when the patient arrives, click on the symbol immediately to the left of the patient’s name in the appointment screen. Each click advances to the next appointment status.

Meaning of appointment status symbols

  • booked appointment booked

  • open day sheet printed & chart pulled

  • arrived patient is here (appointment bar will turn green)
  • picked patient is picked (appointment bar will turn pink)
  • emptyroom empty room (appointment bar will turn yellow)
  • noshow no-show appointment (appointment bar will turn grey)
  • cancelled appointment has been cancelled
  • billed patient has been billed (appointment bar will turn blue)

Other Symbols on Appointment Bar

  • E click to access the patient encounter record (not available in receptionist view)
  • B click to bill the encounter
    -B click to un-bill an appointment for correction. This icon only appears as a replacement for B after the patient has been billed.
  • M click to view the patient’s master demographic record
  • Rx click to view OscarRx, where you can fill out prescriptions for the patient (not available in receptionist view)


If your office has complex schedules for a number of doctors, you may want to use the Templates feature. With this the receptionist will be able to know at a glance at what times of the day the doctor is available, the duration of each appointment or designate a time slot kept open for same-day appointments. Each office can designate their own coding system, but the following is an example of some coding systems:

1 = 15 min. appointment | 2 = 30 min. appointment | H = hospital rounds | A = academic time



  - Click F11 to view the appointment screen from 8am to 5 pm.
  - F11 is a toggle switch that minimizes the task and menu bar at the 
  top & bottom, giving you more viewing area on the appointment screen.
  - Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get it to work.
  - This will only hold for the current session on Internet Explorer.
  -When you log off and log in, you will have to press F11 again to
  have the larger viewing area.

"View All" Version of the Appointment Screen


Schedule View of the Appointment Screen




 To request help from the support team or make a
 suggestion, click on the HELP link in the upper right corner
 of the screen. Click on the ‘CONTACT SUPPORT’ link
 in the bottom white screen and fill out the e-mail with
 your name, e-mail, topic and your request. This e-mail will
 go to a central person on the team who will direct it to the
 appropriate technical staff.

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