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User FAQs

Provides a liste of OSCAR user FAQs.

This page provides a list of OSCAR user facts. Link here to navigate to the user fact you want to view:


I can't access OSCAR remotely

Ensure that you are authorised to access OSCAR remotely.  You should know your PIN. If not then contact an Administrator at your site.

Check that OSCAR can be accessed at the server location - ask someone in the office if they can get in to OSCAR.

If OSCAR can be accessed at the server location this means that OSCAR is fine and that you need to look at the internet connectivity - see below.

If OSCAR cannot be accessed at the server location - contact your OSCAR support provider.

Check that you have internet access where you are trying to access from - check you can get to  If the internet is not available then investigate the cause.

Check that you have internet access from the site where the server is - check you can get to  If the internet is not available then investigate the cause.

If you have no internet access, you might want to try the following.  Reboot the Router (often a blue box with Linksys on it) - power it down for 30 seconds and then restore power.  Reboot the modem - - power it down for 30 seconds and then restore power.  Check connections to the Modem and Router.


My username and password are not working

You need to contact an Administrator for your site to reset your password or remind you of your username if you have forgotten it.

Ensure that you change your password to something that only you know if the Administrator resets it.

If you are accessing remotely, ensure that your PIN is correctly entered.


The notes in the Encounter page appear to have been deleted

It is likely that someone accidentally selected all the text and deleted it.  Don't worry, all saved text is still there.  Click on Encounter on the Encounter page (just above the main chart entry field.  Open the most recent Encounter in the list (or the most recent that has all the information).  Select all the text from the relevant pane there and paste it back in to the usual Encounter page, and Save.


How do I make a Provider inactive

In Admin, goto Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records search for the Provider by Name or Provider No. Click on the ID for the Provider.  Change the Status field to 0  (the figure zero).  Click Update Record.   You might also like to delete their login (Admin | Search/Edit/Delete Security Records).  Simply removing the billing numbers in the case of a care provider, will prevent that provider's name from appearing in the billing screen pop-down list.

The Provider I added can't log in

You probably forgot to assign a Role to that Provider

What is the white box just above the main Encounter pane for?

That is where you can access Templates, the pre-written chart notes that you can paste in and edit.  You can also access Calculators, Eforms and Forms very quickly from here.  Use Shift-Tab from the Encounter main pain an the cursor goes into this field. Then start typing and you will get a drop down lis of all items that match what you are typing.  Use the Down Arrow and then Enter (or the mouse) to select the item you want.


Why does an Appointment sometimes stay pink after it has been billed from the Scheduler?

This is a bug that has been particularly hard to work out.  If you notice a pattern to when this happens then please let the OSCAR Community know.


How do I bill a 'PAP and a half'?

Start to Bill as usual.  When you get to the final billing screen click Another Bill.  You can then bill another service code, use the .5 button to set it to 0.5 of the amount and enter a diagnostic code as usual.   Remember you can set up Billing/Diagnostic and BIlling/Tray fee code Associations - with this you can set the mini-tray to be automatically included and have the diagnostic code automatically be filled in when you bill for a PAP.


Why can't I make any appointments beyond a given date?

It is likely that your original template ended on this date.   Editing that template to end on a later date does not work.  You need to create a new template.


How long can my password be?

Your password should be no more than 10 characters and no less than 8.  It should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.  It should not be a name, a combination of names, make of car, breed of dog or anything that might be found in the dictionary.  The internet has some good resources to help you decide on a password that you can remember.  Do not use a password that you use for something else.  Similarly, your PIN should be unique and unguessable.


What are those diagnostic codes on the BC billing form near the diagnosis code field?

They are a list of previously billed codes, they have the number of months ago that they were billed next to each code.  This might be useful in some blended funding practices.


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