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CAISI User Guide

This guide describes procedures for using the CAISI Case Management Software system to: - Log on and navigate in the system - Search for and view clients - Add and edit clients in the system (refer, admit, discharge client) - Work with OSCAR Case Management Encounter module (create and edit notes) - Use the Tickler to send and receive activity messages - Upload client documents and images -

  1. CAISI Product Overview
    1. Overview
  2. Logging On and Navigation
    1. Logging On
    2. Navigating the OSCAR/CAISI System
      1. Navigation Overview
      2. Menu Bar and Clickable Menu Items
      3. Date and Calendar
      4. Programs and the Client List
      5. OSCAR Case Management Encounter
      6. CAISI Program Management Module
  3. Searching for Clients
    1. Search Overview
    2. Searching for Clients in OSCAR
    3. Searching for Clients in the CAISI Program Management Module
  4. Viewing Client Files in the CAISI System
    1. Viewing Client Files in Caisi
  5. Using CAISI's Program Management Module
    1. Overview
    2. Adding New Clients
    3. Referring Clients to Programs
    4. Admitting Clients to Programs
    5. Discharging Clients
    6. Using a Batch Process to Discharge and Admit Groups of Program Clients
  6. Creating and Editing Notes for Clients' Case Management Encounter Profiles
    1. Adding Issues to a Client's Case Management Encounter Profile
    2. Creating Case Notes
    3. Editing Case Notes and Viewing Note History
  7. Using Ticklers To Create Action Alerts
    1. Viewing Ticklers
    2. Adding a tickler
    3. Setting Tickler Preferences
    4. Editing Ticklers
  8. Billing Clients
    1. Billing a client
  9. Uploading Documents and Photos for Client Case Management Encounters
    1. Uploading Client Documents
    2. Uploading Client Photos
  10. Logging Out of the System
    1. Logging Off OSCAR/CAISI
  11. Making Changes to the CAISI User Guide

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