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4.1.3 Oscar Roadmap

The upcoming version of Oscar

Developmental Roadmap for 10_12

October 2010

Oct 1 - Feature Definition Freeze
(New features need to be announced to the development list serv and defined by this date or saved for another release)

New feature list for 10_12

Core development group
# data integrator extension (this is extending the original CAISI integrator project)
# Support for MyOSCAR appointment booking
# OSCAR Kiosk
# Smart Pharmacy-Data integration with pharmacies
# Eye Form -sophisticated eForm for Ophthalmologists - this has important application for all specialties
# Teaching Field Notes - this is an extension of eForms with capability of extracting anonymized population data to pre-populate eForms
# Mobile OSCAR
# CIHI Primary Health Care Indicators
# Ontario billing for management codes integrated with flowsheets such as Diabetes
# Direct access to eForms and Forms from the appointment screen

Pending licensing agreement with the Rourkes
# Rourke Baby Record 2009

Community contributions
# updated eForm Generator v4 within Oscar

November 2010

Nov 1 - Feature Freeze (new features need code committed in the CVS at this point or be saved for another release.  The code will still be buggy at this point)
Nov 15 - database freeze (this will be the definitive schema for  the 10_12 branch)
Nov 30 - Create a Branch RELEASE_10_12
This is the ALPHA release

December 2010

December 7 - i18n tag deadline (clean up your code and place tags in the properties file)
December 14 - Language-Properties Translation Deadline (prepare French and Spanish translations for this date)
December 15 - Tag the RELEASE_10_12 as BETA


(DRAFT) Developmental Roadmap for 11_06

Dates have not been set at the time of this writing.  9_06 is the current "certified version" for Ontario.  11_06 is planned to be the next "certified" version for Ontario.  It will be developed using the GIT/Gerrit system.  Instructions for GIT/Gerrit for Oscar on eclipse

New feature list for 11_06

Core development group
# CMS 4.0 most of the features are already in Oscar with the noted exception of the following
- Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS)
- Hospital report management (in OntarioMD CDS format) with real time polling (remote viewer)
- see OntarioMD for details
# ISO 13465  this is not so much a feature but a quality system certificate as required by Health Canada Medical Devices Regulations for class II devices
- see Health Canada for details


# Merge of Queens feature and performance enhancements including

-speed enhancements (inbox optimizations primarily)

-eform enhancements

-signature tablets


Community contribution

-billing rules (BC group)

-Support for email appt confirmation




OntarioMD EMR Specification 4.01 release November 30, 2010
Application for OntarioMD 4 Certification January 2011

ISO Quality Management System Certificate April 2011
OntarioMD Conformance testing Start May 2011

May 2011

May 1 - Feature Request Freeze (new features need to be requested)
May 31 - database and feature freeze
June 1- Tag the RELEASE_11_06 This is the ALPHA release

End of OntarioMD Validation Period October 2011


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