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Intro to Messaging


  • You can only send messages via MyOSCAR to someone who has shared their record with you as their Primary Care Provider, Family Member, Research Administrator or Friend. 
  • If you have shared your record with another user in one of these four ways, they are able to send you secure messages, but this does NOT mean you can send messages to them.  Similarly, if another user has shared their messaging feature with you and you have sent them messages, they will not be able to reply unless you have shared your messaging feature with them.


  • Sending messages via MyOSCAR is more secure than regular email.  This is because the messages never travel through the Internet; they remain within the MyOSCAR server, simply transferring from one account to another.  The messages are encrypted to guard against unauthorized access to the servers.
  • Because of the additional security, messages may take a few minutes to travel to their destinations.


  • Note that messages sent via MyOSCAR cannot be deleted.  The MyOSCAR messaging feature is not a replacement for your personal email account and is meant to be used for health related purposes on a professional level.
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