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Logging On To the OSCAR-CAISI System

This procedure describes how to log on to the OSCAR-CAISI sytem.

Before logging on for the first time, ensure that your user name and password have been assigned, along with an appropriate role for your use of CAISI.  

If you are logging on remotely, ensure that you also have your second level passcode.

 1.  In the address bar of your browser, type the URL for your CAISI site. Typically, this URL includes the name of your organization/hospital. For example, if you’re your organization is the Seaton House, you would type The logon screen appears:

 Oscar home page

2.  Type your user name and password in the User Name and Password text boxes.'

3.  If you are logging on remotely, enter your 2nd level passcode in the 2nd Level Passcode box. This is also your pin number.

4.  Click the Sign in button to complete the process. The Oscar home page opens.


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