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Navigating in CAISI

This page provides a brief description of how to navigate in CAISI.

Overview of navigation

Once you log on, the Oscar medical program’s home page opens, showing the client list associated with the selected program (for example The Drop In Program Medical Clinic show in the graphic below).

Oscar home page

 The view you see after you log in, and the functionality you have access to, depends on your role. As an administrator, you should have access to most functionality in the system.  A few screens shown here include:

Menu Bar and Clickable Menu Items

Along the top of the screen is the menu bar, with clickable menu items, including Search, Report, Billing,Tickler, Program, etc. 

navigation_menu items.jpg

The role assigned to you in the CAISI system determines which menu items are visible or that you can use.

The Administrative Page

As an administrator, you often need to access the OSCAR-CAISI system's Administrative page. To do so, in the OSCAR home page, click Admin on the menu bar. The Administrative Page opens:


CAISI Program Management Module

With the CAISI Program Management Module (PMM) you can perform program management tasks that include adding new programs, merging records, adding functions to roles, and more. 

Accessing the CAISI Program Management Module

 In the Oscar Home page, click the Program menu item at the top of the screen. The CAISI Program Management Module window opens:

CAISI Porgram management module

To return to the OSCAR view, click Case Management on the left panel of the screen. 

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