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Adding staff to CAISI programs

This section describes how to add selected staff to specific CAISI programs.

1.  From the OSCAR home page, click the Program button. The CAISI Program Module page opens:

CAISI Porgram management module

  2. On the Navigator panel on the left, in the Administration area, click Staff List. The screen refreshes on the Staff List tab:


 3. Scroll down the list of staff members to locate the person you want to add to a CAISI program. Then, click Edit beside the staff member’s name. The screen refreshes; if the staff member already belongs to other programs, the programs are listed in the Programs area of the screen:


4. At the top of the screen, click the Programs tab to open it:


 5. Navigate to the program on the list to which you want to add the staff member and, in the Role column, adjacent to the program name, click the arrow in the drop-down list box (a sample of which is shown in the graphic example above). Then, select the role the staff member is to have in the program.  A green check mark appears in the Assigned To column beside the program name. This indicates that the staff member has been added to the program, with the role you selected.

6. For each additional staff member you want to add, repeat steps 3 to 5 in this procedure.

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