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Assigning functions to CAISI program roles

Every agency has a number of roles, for example, housing worker, counselor, or nurse. Within an agency, each program set up in the CAISI system must have levels of access defined for staff members. Each program must define what functions, within that program, each role can have access to. For example, Agency A has staff that consists of counselors, nurses and intake workers. Program B within that agency must define the access for those roles. Program B defines access such that nurses have access to the medical file, prescriptions (read-only) and all counselor and intake notes. Counselors have access to counselor issues/notes, read-only nurse issues/notes and intake worker notes. Intake workers l have access to read-only counselor issues and intake issues/notes.

1.  From the OSCAR home page, click the Program button. The CAISI Program Module page opens:

CAISI Porgram management module 

2. On the Navigator panel on the left, in the Administration area, click Program List. The screen refreshes to show the Programs tab, with the list of programs:


3.  Scroll down the list to the program to which you want to assign agency roles, and then click Edit adjacent to the program name. The screen refreshes on the program’s General Information tab:


 4.  At the top of the screen, click the Access tab to open it:


5.  Click the arrow beside the Name drop-down list, and select a function that you’d like to assign to a role, for example Write Ticklers, as shown in the graphic example above.

6. Assign the function to a role by doing one of the following:

    • Check the All Roles box if you want to assign the function to all roles.
    • In the Roles area, check the box beside each of the individual roles to which you want to assign the function, for example doctor and nurse.

 Tip: If you want to know what functions have already been assigned to specific roles, in the Navigator panel on the left, click Global Role Access.  

 7. Click Save.

 8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each function you want to assign to a role.

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