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Searching for existing providers

When you add a new care provider to the CAISI system, you first conduct a search to ensure that the provider does not already have a record. Once you ascertain that the new provider is not in the system, you can add the provider.

1.  On the Administrative Page, in the Provider area, click Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records. The Search a Provider window opens:


 2.  Make sure that the Last Name radio button is checked at the top of the page and then, in the text box, type the provider’s last name and click the Search button. Depending on the outcome of the search, do one of the following:

  • If the provider’s name already exists, you may need to edit the provider’s profile, change his/her password, etc. See Managing Login Records and Access for more information about this.
  • If the search engine returns no matches, click the Back button to return to the Administrative Page, and go to the Adding a provider to CAISI procedure.


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