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Adding a provider to CAISI

This procedure describes how to add a care provider record to the CAISI system.

1. In the Administrative Page window, in the Provider area, click Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records to open the Search a Provider screen:


2. Leave the text box at the top of the screen empty, and click the Search button. The Provider: the following records window opens:


3. Find an unused provider number by scrolling down the ID column. Unused provider numbers do not have a name associated with them, but must show as Active in the Status column. For example, in the graphic above, the numbers 567 and 5790 are unused provider numbers.  To sort the numbers in ascending order, click ID at the top of the column.

 Important Note: Do not use a number that starts with a 0 (for example, 009, 0003).

 4. Once you select and note the number you want to use, click the Back button to return to the Administrative Page window:


 5.  In the Provider area, click Add a Provider Record. The Add a Provider form screen opens:


 6.  In this screen, do the following:

    • In the Provider Number box, type the provider number you had selected in step 3 above.
    • In the Last Name and First Name boxes, type the provider’s first and last name.
    • Click the Type drop-down list box, and select the type of provider you are adding (for example, most staff are in the ‘nurse’ category. Other options include doctor, receptionist, resident, etc.)

7.  Scroll to the bottom of the Add a Provider form screen, and click the Add Provider Record button.  Once you have added a provider, you must then assign the provider a role. See Assigning a role to a provider for details.


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