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The menu bar to the left of the patient’s Electronic Chart gives you easy access to the other parts of the chart and other resources while you are in this area. Some features add various documents to the patient’s electronic chart, other areas give you access to clinical resources and Internet resources without ever leaving the E-Chart area.

Measurements are used to document vitals and other information about the patient that is commonly measured at each visit (ex. blood pressure, height).

  1. Click on the drop-down menu and select the group of measurements you wish to document (ex. the Vital group might contain blood pressure, weight, substance and exercise habits)
  2. In the Measurements window, select and follow the desired measuring instruction. For example, if the type of measurement is exercise, you can select either “Yes/No” or “min/week 0-1200”. If you select the former, you just enter Y or N into the value box, if you select the latter, you would enter in a numerical value.
  3. After completing the table, click ‘Submit’
  • Past measurements can be viewed by clicking the link “Old Measurements”

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