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2.0 Clinical Functions

2.1 Electronic Medical Charts
The Encounter screen is a patient's electronic medical record. It contains patient history, progress notes, forms and documents. From this screen, you can access vaccination records, prescribe medication, conduct research study questionnaires and much more.
2.2 Prescription
OscarRx allows you to write electronic precriptions, prompts you to create an allergy profile to avoid prescribing the wrong medication, and alerts you to bad drug interactions with multiple prescriptions. OscarPrevention is used to keep an online record of common tests and vaccines for each patient, alerting the provider when a prevention measure is overdue.
2.3 Forms
This section describes the various forms available, and how to access and use them.
2.4 Consults and Referrals
2.5 eForms
E-Form is the tool by which users are able to design their own forms and integrate into OSCAR with only some knowledge of HTML.
2.6 eDocuments
The E-Document tool can be used to attach scanned documents, typed referral letters or patient handouts you want to include in a patient's electronic medical file. There is also a storage holding area for eDocs that you can use for your favorite patient handouts, keep your current contact list or the latest ON-CALL schedule.
2.7 Communication with MyOSCAR
These are the various functions in OSCAR to facilitate interaction with patients via MyOSCAR
2.8 Prevention
2.9 Measurements

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