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Currently, there are 30 preventions currently setup in the database.  This page will be used to collect suggestions and comments for new preventions.

Each item needs to have a standard terminology (at least across all OSCAR sites). In the case of vaccines, we try to use the Health Canada terminology rather than the various brand names of the vaccines. The items are chosen because they are either on the standard immunization schedule for Canada, or that the prevention item is widely supported by guidelines. It is important to use standard terminology in order to generate statistics both internally (for the individual OSCAR user) and across all OSCAR sites. It is also important for data portability when you import and export patient data between OSCAR sites.

In order to give some flexibility to OSCAR users we include a couple of "extras" like OtherA and OtherB. It is meant that you can use any of these for different vaccines, e.g. you can use OtherA for both Gardasil and Zostavax - just make sure you put the actual vaccine names in the Comment box. Some EMR actually use the Rx module to document other vaccines (e.g. travel vaccines).

Suggestions for new items:

These were collected from a recent series of emails on the OSCAR BC UserGroup list.  They will be checked before going on the Pending approval list.

Rotavirus Vaccine, 
Meningitis A - already in?
Meningitis C
Meningitis Y
W135 Vaccine
Dukoral - this is already setup a 'Cholera'?
Pneumococcal 13 valent vaccine

HPV (Gardasil , Zostavax)

Japanese encephalitis
Yellow fever

GSK is the mfg of an HPV vaccine?


Pending approval:

Short name, Long name, Link, Layout, ATC code, Minimum age, Maximum age, Sex

Approved and Updated (in v9.06):

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