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1.5.2 Billing Tab

Allows you to view reports related to billing.

Billed Report


All of these reports are created in the same manner, by clicking on the appropriate report type and following the directions. The explanation of each report follows the instructions.


From the Appointment Screen

  1. From the appointment screen click on the ‘BILLING’ tab
  2. Click on the button beside the type of report you want (unbilled or billed)
  3. Select the doctor from the drop down list
  4. Click on the ‘From’ link beside the box for the begin date of the report
  5. Clicking on the date will insert the begin date for the report in the box
  6. Repeat with the end date for the report by clicking on the ‘To’ link
  7. Click ‘CREATE REPORT’
  8. To create reports for other doctors during that time period, just change the doctors name and click ‘CREATE REPORT’
  9. You can bill or look at the invoice for these encounters directly from here by clicking on ‘Bill’



This report searches through the appointment screen for any appointments that have not been billed during a specific time period. This report is good to do about a week before the month end billing goes to the Ministry of Health to maximize the billing being submitted.

  • You can bill or look at the invoice for these encounters directly from here by clicking on ‘Bill’
  • Or you can print the report and have the physicians bill for the encounter



This report shows all the billing for a doctor during a specific period of time, with the ability to view and print each bill. This report is used when a doctor wants to confirm that they have billed correctly for a procedure or is uncertain if they have done the billing for a visit.  Clicking the account number lets you review or edit the billing details.


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