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Tutorials, Screen Casts and Help Videos

This folder contains videos, pdf tutorials and manuals, and screencasts for OSCAR including help videos that are posted on youtube.

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Video overview of Oscar 2.0
A (very) quick run through of basic Oscar 2.0 functionality August 2008
Video overview of Oscar 9.06
Clearmedica supplied youtube video Nov 2009
Help Video: scheduling weekly appointments - repeat bookings
In this video we look at how we can schedule repeat bookings, for instance if we want to schedule a client to be seen weekly for the next year.
Help Video: modifying repeat bookings and appointments
In this Help Video we show how to modify or delete repeat bookings such as weekly scheduled appointments.
Drug Drug Interaction in Oscar 9.06/DrugRef 1.5
This Youtube demo how drug-drug interaction works in OSCAR
How to use the Rich Text Letter Writer
A tutorial on the rich text letter writer
OSCAR 12.1.1 Users manual
Contributed by Colcamex Resources
OscarHost videos
The Oscar Host video series. Getting Started: Logging in and Setting up your computer Oscar McMaster EMR Demonstration eForm Creation Oscar EMR - Encounter Overview Oscar EMR - eDocs and eForms Oscar EMR - Adding Appointments and Patients Oscar EMR - Calendar Navigation Oscar EMR - Schedule Setting Oscar EMR - Account Creation
Indivica videos
Clerical Functions Appointments – Time: 6:53 Billing: OHIP – Time: 5:49 Billing: OHIP Batch Submissions – Time: 7:14 Billing: Third Party – Time: 6:35 Consultations: External Providers – Time: 2:54 Consultation Requests – Time: 4:59 Demographics – Time: 9:28 Messages – Time: 4:38 Ticklers – Time: 3:36 Clinical Functions Allergies – Time: 2:27 Consultations – Time: 8:22 CPP: Updating the CPP – Time: 2:10 CPP: Editing an Existing CPP – Time: 2:49 Disease Registry and Flowsheets – Time: 4:56 Inbox: Bulk Upload and Preview Mode – Time: 4:29 Inbox: Documents and Labs – Time: 7:08 Intake and Measurements – Time: 3:16 Notes: Progress Notes – Time: 3:45 Notes: Note Templates – Time: 3:21 Prescriptions: Writing Prescriptions – Time: 4:49 Prescriptions: Reprint, Long Term Meds, and Favourites – Time: 2:58 Preventions and Screens – Time: 3:01 E-Form Development E-Form Generator – Time: 11:11

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