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Using Selfbook

This shows a potential setup for selfbook with OSCAR

Selfbook in Action!

Here is a demonstration of what selfbook can do

online booking

  • The landing page can be customised with your own logo.
  • The address is a link to your home page
  • French translation of the interface is available, and it can be extended to whatever languages you want


  • There is no password needed to use the selfbook service.
  • Default settings will accept any Canadian HIN.  Alternately you can pick Ontario BC or Quebec specific patterns.
  • If the number does not match the pattern a popup will ask for the user to re-enter
  • Any letters are capitalized, and both leading and trailing spaces are trimmed so that an attempt to match a demographic can be made
  • Note that selfbook validates the pattern, not if the number is current and valid for the person


  • The questions can be tailored to direct different types of patients to different selections of providers and slots
  • Most clinics will at least allow for appointments from regular patients.
  • You can of course not allow walk-ins, but if you did you might present the following screen


  • Lets try the default questions and ask for a walkin for a non registered patient

select appt

  • Just one doc available for walkins  :-(
  • So it goes directly to listing available appointments
  • When the progress bar is done you get your options
  • click the one that interests you


  • The appointment type and HIN will be selected from your answers
  • Enter your name phone and email and a reason for the visit
  • popups will remind you of missing elements
  • Now click the blue Book Appointment button (at the bottom, cropped out of the image)


  • Your appointment is booked and you are advised to check your email
  • links in the email are provided for you to link back to selfbook to confirm or cancel the appt in OSCAR
  • the links have an encrypted string (you can mouse over them below to see) to connect back to selfbook
  • Only these links work for only this appointment
Logo John Smith,

An online appointment has been made in your name and email address ( for an medical appointment from our website.
Please click this link to validate your email to confirm your appointment.

Appointment Date: Thursday, 2016-10-27, 01:00 PM
with Dr Hutten-Czapski Peter

To cancel your appointment, click this link.

OSCAR Clinic, 95 Meridian Haileybury ON P0J 1K0


  • in OSCAR the appointment is labelled as self-booked on the appointment screen
Schedule View of Selfbooked appt



  • The demographic is not matched to the database in this example (it would be in a real example)
  • Reason transfers the selected visit type and provided reason
  • The phone is in Notes as is the IP of the person who booked
  • The HIN is not in the system so a note is appended to check it
  • Resources has the email to which the confirmation was sent
  • the creator of the appointment is shown as selfbook


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