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5.2 Recommended External Tools

There are several external tools available to monitor and administer the health of your OSCAR instance(s),

External Tools

There are large numbers of closed and open source tools that you can use to administer your Tomcat/MySQL stack.  Only some that we have familiarity with are listed here.

Psi Probe

Psi probe is a community driven fork of Lambda Probe.  It monitors connections and health of your Tomcat instance and allows you to (remotely) restart OSCAR independently of Tomcat.

MySQL Tuner

apt-get install mysqltuner .  The script will analyse your MySQL instance and suggest settings for  /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Slow Log

While the patch.sql adds a number of optimized indexes to a deb installed OSCAR 15 instance, your data may not be representative.  If you are experiencing slowdowns you may activate the slow query log of mysql in /etc/mysql/my.cnf


 Note that the slow-log itself can slow performance.  Turn it off when you are not using it!

PHPMyadmin or MySQL Workbench

Either tool will enable GUI based MySQL visualization and work on your schema.

SSL Server Test

On line test for your open https:// port at
That will show the mix between browser compatibility and security for your SSL protected Tomcat server


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