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You and enabled users can attach short notes to entries in your personal health record.

What is an Annotation?

  • Annotations can be added to entries in Documents, Allergies, Equipment, Immunizations, Medications, Problem List and Procedures.  Containing short comments or messages, annotations may be added by you or by your Primary Care Provider (see Sharing and Roles).
  • Each annotation is like a permanent post-it note; it is displayed in a yellow box to the right of the entry and includes the author, the message and the date the annotation was posted.

Add an Annotation

  • To add an annotation to an entry, click on the entry where it is listed on its respective page (ex. for a document, click the DOCUMENTS button on the side menu to go to the Document List page, then click the specific document's name.)
  • To the right, there is a small menu with three buttons.  When ANNOTATIONS has been selected, a box with Add New Annotationabove it is visible.  Type your short comment or note, and click Add.

Editing/removing: Impossible

  • Note that annotations cannot be edited or removed.  If you wish to correct an annotation, you can add another annotation to amend any errors in your first, but the original annotation will still be displayed.

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