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Files can be imported from any computer and stored here. Scanned copies of lab reports, immunization charts, and other hard copies of records can be uploaded to your file from your clinic's computer at your request.


Add a Document

  • Click the DOCUMENTS button on the side menu. 
  • From the Document List screen, click Add Document File.

  • Type the document's location in your computer or click the Browse button to find the file and click open -- the file name should have appeared in the field once this is done.  Remember that the file can be a maximum of 500 KB.
  • Label your document with a short description in the File Description field.
  • Click save.
  • You can now find this document in the Document List.

Download Documents

  • When a document has been uploaded onto your record (whether by you or by a Primary Care Provider with whom you have shared your record-- see Sharing), it can be found on the Document List page by clicking the DOCUMENTS button on the side menu.
  • Click on the document you want to download.
  • From the Document Detail page, click the Download Document button. You then have the option to view the document or to save it to your computer. Choose one and click OK.

Edit/Replace a Document

  • To change a document uploaded to your file, click on the document's name on the Document List page.  From the Document Detailscreen, click the Edit Document button.
    • Editing a document means replacing it with another; there is no feature on MyOSCAR allowing you to make small changes to the document itself.  If you want an edited version of the document on your file, you must edit it separately using an appropriate program and save your edited version to your computer. Then from the Edit Document screen, click Browse, find the edited document and click open.  Change the description as needed, then click save.
    • If you want to keep the same document and edit only the description, click the "Edit Document" button and change File Descriptionfield, leaving the Document field completely blank. Then click save.
  • An uploaded document cannot be removed per se, but can be replaced by another document if it is no longer needed.

Document Actions