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Automatic Features

The summary and bulletin board update automatically when new information is added. These features cannot be manually altered.


  • The summary page displays your date of birth as well as a list of all entries in: problem list, vitals, medications, equipment and immunizations.  When you add a new entry to any of these sections, a link to it will appear on this page.
  • To access this page, click the SUMMARY button on the side menu.
  • Entries are listed in order of creation. Clicking on an entry will send you to the entry's detail page.
  • You can minimize or maximize any section's list by clicking its dark grey title bar.

Bulletin Board

  • The bulletin board displays notices if you have new messages in your inbox. This bulletin will remain on the board until you have read your new messages and signed out. Click on the bulletin to go to your inbox.
  • To access this page, click the HOME button on the side menu.


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