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Assigning a role to a provider

Once you have added a provider to the CAISI system, you need to assign a role to that provider.

1. In the OSCAR home page, click Program on the menu bar to open the Administrative Page (for details on the OSCAR home page, see Navigating in CAISI):


2. In the Security area, click Assign Role to Provider. The Provider-Role List window opens:


3. In this window, do the following:

    a.  Locate the provider for whom you want to assign a role.

    • TIP: To locate the provider quickly, press CTRL+F on your keyboard to bring up a search engine. Type the last name of the provider in the text box, and click Search.

    b.  In the Role column, adjacent to the the provider’s name, click the arrow beside the drop-down list box, and select the appropriate role. Examples of roles include admin, doctor, ER Clerk, nurse, etc. (Nurse is the most commen role selected).

    c.  In the Action column, adjacent to the provider’s name, click the Add button.

    d.  If you want to add more than one role for a provider, repeat steps 3(b) and 3(c).

4.  Once you are finished adding roles for providers, close the window.  Once you have added a role or roles, you need to set up the provider’s login access (Managing Login Records and Access).


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