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5.1.2 Adding Case Histories

Adding Case Provider(s) and Patient(s)

Login as OSCAR Administrator:

Default system

Username: oscardoc

Password: mac2002

2nd level PIN: 1117


Add a provider:

Admin > Add a Provider Record

what you will need:

-Provider No (you can check what is being used by going to Admin > Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records > Search (leaving the search box blank)

-Last Name

-First Name

Click Add Provider Record


Add a (provider) Login Record:

Admin > Add a Login Record
typically use the provider's last name as the user name and same password and PIN for ease of remembering

Assign Role to Provider:
Admin > Assign Role to Provider
Always choose doctor role even for RN or other staff and click Add

Add a patient:
Click the Search button with the search box blank
Click Create a new Demographic
You will need to enter:
Last Name
First Name
Roster Status (as RO - rostered)

Add Case History

Login as one of the pproviders you have created

Create appointment on the date of the case note


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