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5.1.1 ADAPTS Course Module

The OSCAR Learning module transforms an OSCAR EMR into a learning tool; organising relationships between students and moderators, as well as streamlining the importing of templated patient data for educational purposes.



The pre-requisite is to have a system/oscar administrator setup an instance of the OSCAR system, and enable the following directive in the main configuration file.


Next, a user with administrative privileges must create 2 new roles (Admin menu->Add new Role)


Course Management

A Course is a specific type of program which is used to manage the relationship between students and moderators. Courses may have multiple students and moderators, and students/moderators can be added to multiple courses. This relationship is necessary in order to provide moderators with a view of all their students (for evaluation purposes) as well as quick access to the relevant work/charts.

Courses may be created from admin menu under the OSCAR Learning header using the Course Manager option.


Use the "create new course" link to create a new course, the only information necessary is a unique name.

Choose the course you want to manage from the selection widget at the top of the page, this will load a list of the providers registered in the system. Check the users you would like to associate with the course, and choose the appropriate role (student or moderator). Use the Save Changes button to commit your changes to the system.

Student Importer

Creating multiple providers, logins, role configuration, program creation is a tedious task. The OSCAR Learning system includes an interface for efficiently importing a set of students into the system. This interface should only be be used for students as the importing process is specifically geared for this. Moderators should be setup following the regular process of creating providers in the system.

The importer is available from the admin menu under the OSCAR Learning header using the Import Student Data option.

The form on this page expects the user to choose a properly formatted data file from their own file system, and click on the submit button to process it. Doing so will return the same page with a message indicating the total number of successful additions to the system. Any errors in the file will not abort the entire processing of the file, but only those affected records/lines.

The format of the file is Comma Separated Values (CSV). This type of file can be generated as an export from Microsft Excel, or through a text editor manually.
The fields are as follows

Last Name, First Name, Username, Password, Pin, Student Number

for example

"Test","Student40","student40","mac2002", 3433333

Patient Importer

The OSCAR system has an established, compliant patient importer. The OSCAR Learning module enhances that existing importer to make the importing of multiple, identical, patients more efficient.

The importer is available from the admin menu under the OSCAR Learning header using the Import Patient Data option.

The form on this page allows you to enter a file location for a CMS (Spec 3) patient record, as well as options for the course, timeshift, and other standard options.


The course selector allows you to choose which course thereby accessing the student list of that course to make multiple importers, and labelling those patients with the course as well.

The timeshift option will allow you to shift all the dates in the CMS file. This will allow course data to be time appropriate no matter when the import is done in relation the the original export of the data.

Course View

The Course view is available to moderators. It shows up as a tab in the main appointment screen

This view provides the morderator with 2 displays for each course he is registered to

1) Student View - list of students in the course
2) Patient View - list of patients that were imported for students part of this course, with relevant links


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