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2.2.2 Patient Demographics and Preferences

Describes how to retrieve patient information and preferences.

Viewing Patient Information

The patient’s name, age, and preferred pharmacy are displayed under ‘Patient Demographics’.

  • Clicking on the “Preferred Pharmacy” link will display the pharmacist’s name, address, phone and fax number, e-mail and notes.
  • Clicking “Send to Personal Health Record” (??)


  • This link, found under the Special heading on the left, takes you to the Select Pharmacy page
  • Click “Add Pharmacy” if you wish to enter another pharmacy onto the list
  • Click “Edit” if you wish to change the information of a listed pharmacy
  • Click the name of the pharmacy that you wish to associate with this patient


  • Common prescriptions for a patient are listed on the left side, under the Favourites heading
  • This list can be edited by clicking “Edit Favourites” under the Special heading. Here you can change details about the prescription (quantity, instructions, etc.) then click "Save Changes".  You can also "Delete Favourite".
  • To add a prescription from the Patient Drug Profile, click the name of the prescription, then click the ‘Add to Favourites’ button

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