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4.0 Developers

4.1 OSCAR Development
How Oscar Grows
4.1.5 Building Tips and Tricks
Address different environments, jdk versions, etc.
4.2 Installation 12.x
Instructions on how to install and configure Oscar versions 11, 12 and 12.1
4.3 Data Integrator
4.4 OSCAR HL7 communication
This module describes how to send messages and documents between OSCAR systems using the HL7 messaging standard. For the most up-to-date documentation please see:
4.5 OSCAR Faxing
Installation of fax support for OSCAR
4.6 Integrating Hospital Reports
There are several ways to port hospital reports into the Oscar system. An obvious way is to use the HRM if your hospital is involved in that service. There are local services that export HL7 data (eg in Hamilton and in the Interior Health Authority) where software can be used to incorporate the reports into the Inbox stream. If you don't have HL7 to work with, well don't let that stop you, you can make your own HL7 programatically with a generic approach.
4.7 Tweaks
Various tweaks and modifications to give Oscar racing stripes! NOTE ONTARIO USERS - NOT FOR YOU as of OSCAR 12 (Ontario MD CMS 4 certified version) any modifications to certified code risks invalidating the installation as being able to attract subsidy in Ontario. Thus adding the recent immunizations and removing decorations have been folded into the regular code for everyone. Only In name demographic search remains not implemented at this writing
4.8 Specialist
OSCAR can be configured for specialist practice.
Signature Extension for Rx3b
4.9 Utilities
Importing Labs, Searchable PDFs, Kiosk, Signature Pad
Kiosk Sign In
4.10 Report by Template SQL
The Report by Template allows users to create custom SQL queries. Anything in the database can be analysed with a few lines of SQL code.
4.11 Data Migration
Demographics and other data can be migrated into OSCAR from other EMR's
4.12 CAISI
CAISI (Client Access to Integrated Services and Information) is a built in extension to OSCAR which, when enabled, provides additional screens and work flows that are program or bed centric.
OLIS Installation
This explains OLIS configuration, contributed by Dr Rozario
4.14 Online Appointment Booking & Confirmation
This section describes the various options that can be used to book and confirm appointments using 3rd party applications.

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