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4.6 Integrating Hospital Reports

There are several ways to port hospital reports into the Oscar system. An obvious way is to use the HRM if your hospital is involved in that service. There are local services that export HL7 data (eg in Hamilton and in the Interior Health Authority) where software can be used to incorporate the reports into the Inbox stream. If you don't have HL7 to work with, well don't let that stop you, you can make your own HL7 programatically with a generic approach.
4.6.1 Generic Hospital Integration
A generic method to have hospital reports automatically downloaded and integrated into Oscar labs Oscar Integration with Meditech: NE LHIN
Oscar Integration with Meditech has occurred in Northern Ontario through the North East LHIN with the Physician Office Integration project Oscar Integration with Meditech: IHA
Gordon Hutchison has connected Oscar to the Interior Health Authority (IHA) in BC in order to download Meditech narrative reports. HL7 messaging was used.
4.6.3 Oscar Integration with Clinical Connect (Medseek)
Jay Gallagher has integrated Oscar with Clinical Connect (Medseek)

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