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3.2 Appointment Screen

How to use the optimized appointment screen

Appointment Screen for Mobile

The appointment screen has a simplified interface

  • The Menu button gives you the option to search for a patient or logout
  • The Today button returns the appointment screen to today's date
  • The Calender Link lets you navigate to another date
  • Alternately clicking on the red arrows will advance the calendar one day at a time
  • The hours will allow you to book appointments
  • The demographic eg Pierre Trudeau will allow for editing that appointment
  • The 'E' link will open the patients chart (encounter form)
  • The 'M' link will open the patients master demographic record

11x Mobile Appointment screen  11x Mobile Encounter Menu


Search for the demographic using name or a number of other fields including

  • address
  • Date of Birth
  • HIN
  • Chart number
11x Mobile Search   11x Mobile Search Results



Clicking on the demographic number after the search

OR clicking on the M link in the appointment screen gets you read access to the Master Demographic Record


11x Mobile MDR  11x Mobile Demographic Detail


 Editing Appointments

Clicking on a demographics name will open up a Appointment Details screen.

Clicking on Edit will give you a screen to update the appointment

11x Mobile Edit Appointments  11x Mobile Edit Appointment

Making Appointments for Mobile

To make an appointment simply click on the desired time slot in the mobile appointment screen and fill the following information

Usually all you need to do is to type a few letters of the relevant demographic under the Last Name: and searching

When found click Add

11x Mobile Make an Appointment Editing the Appointment Details



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