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OSCAR EMR version 15

We are delighted to announce OSCAR EMR's latest set of releases, providing major updates to the OSCAR Platform. Extensive rewritten the user experience is enhanced with a brand new interface. Complete with major behind the scenes connectivity and standards required for "Enterprise Ready" use are upgraded versions of previous functionality and a bevy of new features. Below is an overview of new features found in Oscar 15

New in OSCAR 15!

Clinical Dashboard

A clinical dashboard that puts together the regular workload in one screen

14 Dashboard

New Chart Interface

A new interface for the chart accessible from the dashboard gives you the patients chart with a floating note entry box .

14 Encounter

Demographic Interface

The demographic interface houses all the patient demographic information.

A common feature for this and the other tabs of the dashboard is that you can access any of the aspects of the chart with the floating encounter note ^^^ following you

14 Master Demographic

Health Tracker

- Provide a clinical decision support system for chronic conditions that would be "built-in" to current workflow
- includes recommendations, reminders and warnings to prompt, indicate or support a clinical decision
- creates a consolidated view of flowsheets
- creates a pain flowsheet
- provide ability for graphing

14 Health Tracker


Note Browser 

For long-time OSCAR users who prefer the traditional interface: that has been improved as well.

Browse the encounter notes while writing a new note with Multiples select & print notes supported
Also have Document Browser integrated

14 Note Browser


Admin Panel

14 Admin

New Database Tags

Now users can pull the entire CPP into an e-form with the addition of new tags to get

  • family history
  • past medical history
  • other medications
  • social history
  • ongoing concerns
  • risk factors
  • reminders


  • Labwork and documents mistakenly linked to the wrong patient can be refiled
  • Docs Split, Rotate, Delete First Page
  • automatic loading of documents ready for filing
14 Document Queue Handler


Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer (MCEDT)

Integration with the Ontario electronic billing submission process

Drug Formulary and Dispensing Support

Support for users that dispense from a formulary

14 Manage Formulary


Other Enhancements

  • Oscar and MyOscar messaging into one view.
  • appointment reason dropdown
  • E2E export
  • eform template to create ticklers
  • Use measurement instruction to format measurement input screen. If measurement instruction has key words choose radio the comma delimited text following will create radio buttons with labels and values set to those words for data input.
  • auto-completion list for searching provider lab
  • PoC Client Registry - JEverest-based implementation
  • Research module (EAPPS and more)
  • Who growth charts
  • Indicator Dashboard
  • reset password on first login
14 Reset |Password



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