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4.1 Installation

Installation details for OSCAR 15, OSCAR Fax service and common configurations Installation of OSCAR 15 on Ubuntu 18.04
Installation of OSCAR on Ubuntu 18.04 made easy. These instructions are newer instructions DEPRECATED Installation of OSCAR 15 on Ubuntu 16.04
Installation of OSCAR on Ubuntu 16.04 made easy. These instructions were previously reference instructions that reflect the developers testing and working environment. REFERENCE Installation of OSCAR 19 on Ubuntu 18.04
Installation of OSCAR on Ubuntu 18.04 made easy. These are DRAFT instructions APR Production Connector
Using Certbot with the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) with Tomcat 7 Apache
You can serve OSCAR via Apache rather than Tomcat and this will allow LetsEncrypt and Traffic monitoring for your instance.
4.1.1 Migration 12_1_2 to OSCAR 15
Migrating from 12_1_2 to OSCAR 15 requires a rebuilt server
4.1.2 Fax
OSCAR has several ways to configure Fax services depending on the needs of the clinic
4.1.3 Labs
Configuration of OSCAR to receive electronic laboratory, pathology, radiology and hospital report results.
4.1.4 MCEDT
The Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer (MCEDT) Interface automates downloads and uploads of billing files to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long term care.
4.1.5 Clinical Connect
ClinicalConnect is a web-based portal that provides real-time access to patients’ health information from source systems at acute care hospitals and CCACs in South West Ontario as well as select provincial data repositories. OSCAR provides an interface that will download results from this system.
4.1.6 POI
The Physician Office Interface allows you to download hospital reports from hospitals in North Eastern Ontario
15 Install Output
15 Console output from installation
15 Upgrade Console
Upgrade within OSCAR 15 release
15 K2A Configuration
15 Know2Act integration configuration
4.1.7 Backups
A backup strategy is essential to protect your data from loss. This is set up automatically with a deb install of Oscar 15 but can also be installed manually for older installations. There is also a script to mirror the server.
15 Console output on Upgrade
FF Quantum Insecure Connection
19 terminal install output

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