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This is a living document with many volunteer writers. Contactus if you want to be part of this team. Your reward: a free OSCAR license!

The first group of collaborators invited to join me in this effort was the "The OSCAR BC UserGroup list". This is probably the most dedicated group of OSCAR users. This site would not be the same without the help from this group.

I will also mention the names of individuals who have sent me specific content to this site. The list of collaborators are as follows:

  • David Chan
  • Jay Gallagher
  • Deven Rich
  • Peter Hutten-Czapski
  • Patti Rodger Kirkpatrick
  • Gunther Klein
  • Cameron Ross
  • Earl Wertheimer
  • David Page
  • Kim Wilms

Collaborators from previous versions:

Carole White
Maria Chacon
Colleen Kirkham
David Daley
Deborah Chan
Jel Coward
Julius Lenart
Martin Dawes
Nicholas Dubé
Hani Safadi
Karen Cunningham
David Page
Samer Faraj
Terry Bordeleau
Tracy Monk

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