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1.4.11 Health Card Version Codes

Describes how to validate correct version codes for patients in Ontario, using the Overnight Batch Eligibility process.

Validating with Overnight Batch Eligibility

Many hours are spent in chasing patients for correct version codes to re-submit a bill to the Ministry of Health (MOH). Overnight Batch Eligibility allows you to get a jump on the process. The file is sent to the MOH the night before, and the report is picked up in the morning from the web, allowing the receptionist to approch the patients who have invalid health cards before the appointment. Patients can then be given the information to contact the MOH to rectify the problem.

  1. Log in as Administrator
  2. Under ‘oscarREPORT’, click on ‘Overnight Batch Eligibility Checking’ link
  3. Click on the ‘Begin Date’ link for the calendar to enter the begin date from the appointment screen
  4. Do the same to the ‘End Date’ to give the date range that you will be sending to the MOH
  5. Click on create report
  6. Right click on the file name, select ‘Save As’ and save to the directory you are keeping these files to up-load to the MOH
  7. Click ‘Close this Window’


See Invoicing via EDT for instructions on how to connect the GoNet.


Send the file just created through GONET. The next morning, access the MOH GoNet again to collect your report.

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