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1.4.10 Unsettled Invoice Reports

After the RA files have been settled and all files backed up, it is a good time to look at invoices in your system that are still unsettled to clean up your files or chase down invoices waiting for a version code before they become stale dated.
  1. From the appointment screen, click on the ‘BILLING’ tab
  2. Click on the button beside ‘UNSETTLED’ to create a report of invoices that have been submitted, but not paid by the MOH.
  3. Select the doctor from the drop down list
  4. Click on the ‘BEGIN’ link beside the box for the date of when you want the report to begin
  5. Clicking on the date will insert the begin date for the report in the box
  6. Repeat with the end date for the report by clicking on the word ‘END’
  7. Click ‘CREATE REPORT’
  • To generate reports for doctors during that time period, just change the doctor’s name and click ‘CREATE REPORT’
  • You can view these encounters directly from here by clicking on invoice number in the ACCOUNT column
  • Or you can print the report and then look at them individually from the ‘BILLING CORRECTION’ link


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