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1.4.3 Quebec Billing

Quebec Billing Private RAMQ Billing in Quebec

Private Patient Billing

Currently, Oscar does NOT do billing for RAMQ in Quebec.

This guide is for setting up private billing for charges that are allowed by RAMQ.

These fees can be for: No Show/Missed Appointment, Prescriptions without Appointments, Vaccines, Special Forms, etc.


This can be setup in Oscar using the Private Billing, in order to keep track of changes and issue receipts.



Enter something in the Provincial Billing/MSP # field in the Provider record.

Create Charge codes. Use Admin, Billing, Manage Private Billing Code.

- To create a new Private Service code, enter the code in the 'Private Code _' (e.g. O001A) field, then press the Search button.

If the code does not already exist, you will see 'It is a NEW service code. You can add it.' in green at the top of the screen.

You can now enter the Description (in both official languages), Fee and Issued Date. 

Press Save to add the new code.


If the code does exist, the Description, Fee and Issued Date will be displayed.

You can change the values and Save, or Delete the code or Exit.


- To change an existing code, you can select it from the pull-down menu and click Edit, or enter the code and press Search to find and display it.


Billing a Patient:

Just click on the 'B' on the Appointment. This will bring up the 'Ontario Billing' screen.

The Billing Type should be changed from Bill OHIP to 3rd Party.

On the left (pink) side, you can enter the code, multiple (time) and discount % for up to 10 different codes.

The code must be prefixed with an underscore. If the code is SAAQ, then enter _SAAQ

Note: A blank time will default to '1'.

When you are done entering the codes, multiples and discount %, press the Next button on the top right corner of the screen.

If you omitted the Dx code, you will see a 'You didn't enter a diagnostic code in the Dx box. Continue?' warning. Press OK to continue.

You will see a new window with the Invoice Confirmation. 

Now you can enter the Payment Method, then use the 'Save & Print Invoice' 

Another window with the Invoice will open. If you don't see it, check the top of the browser.

Ctrl-P to print.


If you have a problem printing and want to reprint an Invoice, use the following procedure:

Use the Billing link at the top of the Appointment screen.

Select Billed and today's date. Create Report to see the list of Invoices.

Click on the Account number (on the far right) to open the Invoice.

Enter the Paid amount (bottom left) and click the word 'Reprint' (in red) to generate the Invoice, then Ctrl-P to print it.


Invoice Printing:

To customize the Invoice format, you need to change the following program:




The following Report by Query can be used to list the Invoices created for a selected Provider and date range.

<report title="Billing Details by Provider" description="Detailed List by Provider of Billing<br>
Used to reconcile Private Billing and Money collected" active="1">
SELECT CONCAT_WS( ' ', p.first_name, p.last_name ) as Doctor, 
b.billing_date as Date, as Invoice,
b.demographic_name as PatientName, b.demographic_no as DemNo , 
MID( UPPER(bitm.service_code),2) as Service, FORMAT(bitm.fee,2) as Fee
FROM billing_on_cheader1 b
 LEFT JOIN provider p on b.provider_no = p.provider_no
 LEFT JOIN appointment a on b.appointment_no = a.appointment_no
 LEFT JOIN billing_on_item bitm ON = bitm.ch1_id AND bitm.status = 'O'
WHERE b.provider_no = IF('{provider}'=' ALL', b.provider_no , '{provider}' )
  AND b.billing_date >= CONCAT( '{date_start}',' 00:00:00') AND b.billing_date <= CONCAT( '{date_end}', ' 23:59:59')
  AND b.status = 'P'
ORDER BY b.provider_no, b.billing_date ;
<param id="provider" type="list" description="Provider">
      ( select distinct provider_no, concat(last_name,',',first_name,'(',provider_no,')') as name 
         from provider where provider_type = 'doctor' and status = 1 )
      ( select ' ALL', 'All providers' )
      order by provider_no ;
<param id="date_start" type="date" description="Start Date" />
<param id="date_end" type="date" description="End Date" />


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