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1.4.1 Ontario Billing

OscarBilling allows you to easily access and complete the patient billing process. This chapter contains instructions for Ontario and BC billing, as well as simplified Flu Clinic and INR billing. The rest of the billing process, which involves the Administrative view of OSCAR, is also detailed here Ontario Billing for the Encounter
How to access the billing screen and bill an Ontario patient in Oscar 12; also an explanation of the ON billing screens. The Ontario Billing Process
Describes the billing process for Ontario users. OHIP Pre-Invoice Functions
For Ontario billers: checklist of activities to be completed before OHIP submission For Canadian billers: reciprocal billing provincial codes. Billing for Walk-In Flu Clinic in Ontario
Describes how to bill for the flu shot. INR Billing in Ontario
Describes billing the monthly G271A monitoring for long-term anticoagulant supervision. Batch Billing in Ontario
Sometimes you need to do a batch billing that the specialized Flu and INR billing functions are not enough. Ontario EDT Setup
The sending and receiving of the EDT files is done outside of OSCAR, but viewing the files and reconciling the claims is done on the Administration screen of OSCAR. The following information will assist you in registering with the MOH and setting up the initial connection. The ministry is moving towards a web based system but supports a dial up method as well. Invoicing OHIP
How to invoice the provincial health-care plan in Ontario. Correcting Billing Errors
Describes how to correct billing errors for Ontario users. Remittance Advice and Report
Describes for Ontario users how to access and download remittance advice and reports. You will first need to connect to the Ministry GoNet and download the RA files to reconcile to OSCAR billing. See Invoicing via EDT for instructions on how to connect the GoNet.
Ontario Billing
Flu billing
INR billing
Confirm Billing
IFH Billing screen
IFH invoice
WSIB Billing
Flu Billing
11x Billing Simulation
12 Ontario Billing by numbers
12 Master File Billing Submenu
12 Batch Billing Admin Bonus Codes
Billing patient-less Q codes

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