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4.5.1 Oscar Fax Configuration

The following settings allow for faxing from Oscar to either a network fax program such as Hylafax or through an internet based email to fax gateway.

Oscar Fax Settings

To use faxing directly from Oscar for  Rx's, Consultation requests and eForms you need to

  1. Configure the Oscar properties file for pdf creation and faxing. 
  2. Ensure that the installation is hardened, specifically Tomcat is on port 8443 (Other ports are possible but more work)
  3. Setup software for Lan Faxing or an email to Fax gateway

Once setup you will have access to the faxing dialog as shown in the documentation of Oscar 12.1.

Typical property settings that work with the deb installed Oscar 12.1 would include the following. 

# The WKHTMLTOPDF_COMMAND should be the path to the executable on your system

# Typical setting for faxing from Rx

# Typical setting for faxing from consultation requests

# Typical setting for faxing from eforms

 Then restart the Tomcat server

sudo service tomcat6 restart

 You will need to install further utility software to allow for the files produced by Oscar to be sent by fax

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