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1.1 Encounter

The OSCAR 14 Encounter is all new


Access the Encounter by clicking on the demographic, usually from the appointment or recent list, but also through the search

14 Encounter

Need More Screen? Collapsing the Appointments

You can collapse the appointment or recent access panel with the < arrow

14 Collapsing the Dashboard

You can expand it again with the > arrow that appears on the collapsed dash

14 Expanding the Dashboard

Encounter Tabs


The details provide the Master Demographic Record

14 Details Encounter


The summary provides the "Front Sheet" context for writing or editing the encounter note.

The encounter note is entered in a floating frame that can be accessed or hidden anywhere in the encounter views by clicking on the ^^^

Links in blue provide specific details of the

14 Encounter


Clicking on any completed form or eform listed will show the form to the right for quick review

The library provides blank templates which can be user supplied or customised

14 Encounter Forms


The Tickler reminder system lets you set time based reminders for upcoming clinical tasks

14 Tickler Add

Health Tracker

The Health Tracker allows you to follow indices or measurements over time such as weight

14 Tracker Weight

However there will be a number of templates based on the disease states you have entered into the disease registry

Never fear, you can access them even without having logged a triggering diagnosis, or you can even add the diagnosis automatically

14 Chronic Pain Tracker Template


Rx gives you the Drugref 3 prescribing window

14 Rx 3


Access to

  • Preventions
  • Disease Registry
  • Messenger
  • Consultation Requests
  • Documents

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