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1.1.3 Provider settings

Have your EMR conform to YOUR workflow and not the other way around! Provider settings allow each user to customise the OSCAR experience to their preferences

Provider settings

Much of the customisation of the OSCAR user interface has been brought out here where each user can adjust to meet their specific workflow needs and preferences.


Provider settings are accessed through the top right of the Dashboard

14 MD settings access


Allows you to override system settings and pick from the classic interface and the Dashboard when you logon

14 persona


This allows you to set up provider specific overrides and change the user password

14 General MD Settings


Schedule defaults will allow you to customise what and how the appointment screen displays the day
14 Schedule MD Settings


The filling tab will allow you to pick the most common billing form and diagnostic code that you use.

14 Billing MD settings


Here you can set customisations on how the prescriptions look and if you are using an external provider

14 Rx MD settings

Master Demographic

This allows you to set some defaults on what the most common new demographic is likely to be

14 MDR MD settings


You can set warnings for stale dated consultations that need some followup and how the chart information is pasted into the consultation request

14 Consults MD settings


This allows you to activate the Document Browser

14 Documents MD settings


You can customise the layout of the Encounter CPP

14 Encounter MD settings


Have your favourite eForms at your fingertips

14 eForm MD settings


Control how comments are added

14 Inbox MD settings


Set default PMM

14 Program MD setting


OLIS MyDrugRef MyOSCAR and MyMeds settings

14 Integration MD settings

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